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  • No Ads
  • Email Folders
  • Unlimited Accounts
  • Forward Emails
  • Long Storage Time
  • Premium Domains
  • Custom Domains
  • Premium Support


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Premium Login

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Your safety even more secured with Yepmail PRO Features

Do you want to become our super-dooper PRO spamassassin? That’s great! Protect your account from worthless spam, even better, with YepMail PRO Features! Decide now to stay UNLIMITED anonymus, using our PREMIUM version, with extended useful benefits.

So, don’t settle for less, when you have our Yepmail Pro Features released!

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Are you already enjoying our free version of YepMail? If you do so, you know already how awesome it is, but choosing the PRO version you’ll lead your safety to the next level, by reaping the free version benefits of, plus a lot more. If not, just check the YepMail Plans and pick the tiptop PRO solution for yourself! Easy as pie!



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  • No Ads
  • Email Folders
  • Unlimited Accounts
  • Forward Emails
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Premium Support
  • Premium Domains
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Lite plan includes:

  • No Spam Mails
  • Protection against identity theft, fraud, or any other online crimes
  • Secure Service
  • Easily switch between multiple devices
  • 30 days storage time for messages
  • Customer support
  • Lightweight and intuitive Chrome extension
Free Plan

No Ads

Raise your hand - to the submit button, of course -, if you also think that the ads are annoying: too many, too jumpy and too weird. If you agree, then lucky you, you are at the right place! Getting the Yepmail Pro Version you’ll get rid of this inconvenient and you’ll fully enjoy your online experience. No disturbing at all!


Email Folders

Even if it’s about your temporary mail, you don’t want to shuffle personal things with professional ones, in the same folder? Great! With YepMail PRO you can keep your disposable mail as an extension for your personal account, by arranging your messages by folders. The YepMail PRO version comes with this solution that helps you having a pleasant experience, being more organized and professional.


Unlimited Accounts

With our YepMail free version you can have 10 trash mail account, but you still need more? Well, with Yepmail PRO Features you can have an infinite number of accounts. Imagine what you can do with so many disguises that you have, being incognito and completely safe. We dare you to try!


Forward Emails

Choosing YepMail Pro it’s like you’re getting out from the “jungle”. Doing so you can filter the emails that you receive, creating triggers for a set of keywords. This way you can enjoy only the informations that you need, without missing anything. For example if you are interested only for emails that includes informations about “ boobies” ( the birds, of course) or “dinosaurs”, this YepMail PRO funnel it’s a great choice.


Storage Time

Have you ever tried to make use of something that it’s UNLIMITED? Sounds like a challenge for you? Perfect, then upgrade right now your YepMail account, in a premium version, and take advantage of our UNLIMITED storage time. Doing so, a whole new UNLIMITED PRO adventure begins with us, with no other strings attached!


Premium Domains

Give up the clownish name given by default and get a real one, with YepMail PRO! For our premium users we keep a list of top-levels domains, which are checked for quality every day. Subscribe now for the premium version of YepMail and you’ll get an exclusive real name - straight away.


Premium Support

Do you have any issues, questions, or concerns? No problem. Our support department is working every hour, everyday, to make sure that you’ll get fast all support needed and you’ll have the best possible experience. Simply drop us a line and one of our representatives will get back to you soon.


Frequently Asked

What benefits do I get choosing YepMail PRO version?

Our PREMIUM version gives you the opportunity to increase your temporary email address experience.
Specifically, you can create how many email addresses do you need and have an UNLIMITED storage time. And there are a lot more features that will make your experience more safe and pleasant.

How many accounts can I create if I have a YepMail PRO subscription?

You can have how many accounts you want. As long as you use the PRO version, you can enjoy our services without any constraints.

Do I have ownership for the email addreses?

Yes, the email addresses are private, only visible to you.

What are you waiting for?

All the benefits of YepMail are relatively self explanatory. If you haven’t signed up for a free email address from YepMail, yet, now’s the time!

Doing it later is usually too late. Simply give YepMail a shot and take your security to a whole new level! And yes, it's free! There are no hidden costs.

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