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Giving away your real email address when using the Internet is not
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This is quite a wise and innovative idea, easy to use by an internet novice like me , highly recommended to my work colleagues and also friends, thank you guys and keep it up!!! Sasha U

Everyone hates spam emails

It’s not a question that everyone hates spam emails. But if breaking up is a hard thing to do, you can bet that unsubscribing from spam emails is even harder, almost impossible. Having one main email address for everything you subscribe to online works in your favor, so that you never have to worry about managing multiple email accounts. However, the problem is that, by doing so, you enter into a never ending battle with junk emails. Did you know that many websites collect your email address and then sell or exchange it with other companies? Trying to figure out who is responsible for what is impossible. To avoid all of that, it's not only recommended, but necessary to use a temporary email service. This is where YepMail comes into play. With our cutting-edge service, you're just 3 clicks away from creating your temporary email address and guarding your main email against bots, phishing, hacking, and unsolicited emails. Oh, and it's free! How awesome is that?

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Goodbye spam! Goodbye identity theft!

Goodbye spam! Goodbye identity theft! While using our temporary email service, you will get a temporary email which you can use on any site you wish without ever having to worry about spam, identity theft, fraud, or any other online crimes again. This temporary email address is like an extension of your own email account. Whether you want to register on a questionable website, get the download link to a certain file, or register for a service, you should definitely consider creating a temporary email with YepMail.

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All emails are deleted after a specific period of time

The most important benefit of a temporary email inbox is to make it possible for you to use an address for a specific time frame before getting rid of it. With our secure service, all the emails you receive in your temporary inbox are completely deleted after one month. This makes our service’s design perfect for use as private communication. To provide an extra layer of security, you can also password-protect your email account. By default, all email addresses created through YepMail are deleted after 60 minutes. Need more time? No problem. Simply access your inbox and extend the email timer another 60minutes, 12 hours, 24 hours, 3 days, or 7 days.

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Easily switch between multiple devices

Let's say that, right now, you’re on your laptop and you're logged into your temporary YepMail email account, but you want access to your account on your mobile device within the next few seconds. Done. Simply go into your account settings, scan the QR code, and there it is! You can use your YepMail email account on your mobile device.


Lightweight and intuitive Chrome extension

With just one click, our lightweight and super-fast Chrome extension gives you quick access to randomly generated, or customized temporary email addresses. No sign- up required. It's so easy, even a toddler can use it!


Unmatched customer support

We're working around the clock to ensure the service is up 24/7, and that you get the best possible experience. Do you have any issues, questions, or concerns? Solved. Simply drop us a line and one of our representatives will get back to you, if needed.


What are you waiting for?

All the benefits of YepMail are relatively self explanatory. If you haven’t signed up for a free email address from YepMail, yet, now’s the time!

Doing it later is usually too late. Simply give YepMail a shot and take your security to a whole new level! And yes, it's free! There are no hidden costs.

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